Meet Matthew Feltrop:
​our executive director

It takes a lot to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout when you’re 17. But it takes a lot to also become fluent in Spanish, graduate with high honors, teach in a high school and volunteer in your spare time. I'm talking about our Matthew Feltrop. We were giddy when he joined the Patachou staff and began both server and management training. Immediately, we knew we had hired someone who truly understood the importance of purpose and service to others. Naturally, Matthew gravitated toward The Patachou Foundation: first, as a volunteer, then as an advocate, cook, organizer, role model and teacher. A caring person, he seems to only have the ability to create positive energy in his wake. "When I serve others, I realize that I am connected to other people and that everything I do makes an impact, even if it changes just one person at a time. There is nothing more natural or fulfilling that I could dedicate myself to." Congratulations to Matthew Feltrop on his hire as the first Executive Director of The Patachou Foundation starting this May. Says Matthew "I remember one time as a volunteer, I was talking with our kids about a food that they would like to try. It was stunning to see sparks go off in their minds even with the basic knowledge of food that an elementary student has. They quickly moved from macaroni and cheese to toast with nice cheeses and pears topped with honey...That experience cemented the idea in my mind that food has an equalizing power: Everyone can find pleasure in food. It is truly exciting to harness that reality and use it to inspire youth in our community to make healthy decisions for their lives."

all profits from public greens urban cafeteria and microfarm, now open on the monon trail in broad ripple, will support the foundation with its profits, the only restaurant in the area to do this.

What is The Patachou Foundation?

The idea for the Foundation is simple: Feed healthy meals to children suffering from food insecurity, and while feeding them, increase their awareness, connection and excitement about the whole food they are eating. The Patachou Foundation, a non profit organization in Indianapolis, is partially supported with profits produced by Public Greens,
a Patachou restaurant and microfarm now open on the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple. We are proud to employ an in-house farmer in partnership with Growing Places Indy.

The Foundation, in keeping with Patachou Inc.’s original vision, will start small, adhere to smart growth strategies, make an early impact; and, in keeping with Patachou’s 2020 vision, be a radically different and radically better organization. Our goal for the Foundation is that, over time, we can feed more children; that additional Public Greens restaurants can be established to help fund The Patachou Foundation; and that our community can benefit from these actions in an impactful and transformative manner.